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The South African Food Experience

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SA Meat Shops offers a diverse selection of meat products, baked goods, and groceries that are uniquely South African. Our products are not just food items; they are a vital part of South African culture, with rich histories and deep roots in our heritage.

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Lekker Padkos 

For the Braai

Old Favorites


Best Droëwors I’ve tried in Canada. I’ve tried some places in Toronto Edmonton and Vancouver this location in Calgary tops them all


It’s hard to eat other dry meats after trying SA biltong. I tried other South African places, not as good as this one.
Must have camping snacks!


Have been getting dried meats and pies from SA for nearly 20 years. Has never had a dip on quality. Very fair pricing compared to the competitors and significantly higher quality. 


106-2120 Kensington Road NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 3R7


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