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The Team

Who We Are



Our Canadian Baking Maestro

Jesse is the heart and soul of our baking operations. He crafts all of our delicious treats, including koesisters, milk tarts, rusks, and meat pies. When he's not baking up a storm, you'll find him serving clients at the till or stocking our shelves with groceries. Jesse's dedication and versatility make him an invaluable part of our team.


Our Meat Master

Lloyd, another proud Canadian on our team, plays a crucial role in our meat production. With his background as a chef, he brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to creating our biltong, droewors, boerewors, steaks, and more. Lloyd's expertise ensures that every meat product we offer is crafted to perfection.



Our Driving Force

Introducing Willem, the heartbeat of our South African store, where he has dedicated himself for an impressive 20 years. Originally from Pretoria, Willem is not just a masterful meat cutter but also the guiding force behind every aspect of our production and operations. His leadership ensures our store runs with flawless precision, maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

Pieter & Carin

The cornerstones of SA Meat Shops

Meet Pieter and Carin Janse van Rensburg, the dedicated owners and heart of SA Meat Shops. Together, they bring a perfect blend of passion and expertise, ensuring the shop operates seamlessly.

Their entrepreneurial journey extends beyond SA Meat Shops, encompassing multiple successful ventures both in South Africa and Canada. With their extensive experience and genuine warmth, Pieter and Carin drive the success of SA Meat Shops, where South African goods find their home in Calgary.

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