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About Us

SA Meat Shops is a family-owned enterprise established in late 2003 by a South African who saw an opportunity to serve fellow South Africans in Calgary. Recognizing the demand for familiar, beloved products such as biltong and boerewors, the founder created a store that quickly became more than just a place to buy food; it became a community hub where South Africans could gather, share stories, and feel at home.

Over the years, SA Meat Shops has become a cherished destination not only for South Africans but also for Canadians eager to explore South African cuisine. The store offers a unique cultural experience, introducing a variety of South African tastes and flavors to a broader audience.

In May 2024, SA Meat Shops was acquired by Pieter and Carin Janse van Rensburg. They are experienced business owners with a portfolio that includes several enterprises, one of which is another South African store in Calgary called Safari Outpost. Under their ownership, SA Meat Shops continues to be a beacon of comfort for the South African community and an inviting place for Canadians to enjoy authentic South African products.

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